Feb 2013  

Sauk City Fire Department

2013 Group Picture                                                                                                                                       Picture by Mike Fehrenbach



Row #1 L to R - President Tom Wipperfurth, 1st Lt. Jim Pugh, Capt. Dan Ederer, 1st Asst. Chief Jim Kirch, Chief Doug Breunig, 2nd Asst. Chief Mike Breunig, 2nd Lt. Jim Humbracht, Vice President Brandon Krueger.

Row #2 L to R - Don Pfau, Jeremy Schell, Chris Niederklopfer, Dan Kirch, Dylan Handel, David White, Ken Lueck, Dennis Frey, Alex Atkinson

Row #3 L to R - Tyler Ederer (Cadet), Dustin Hellenbrand, Jeremy Patterson, Matt Opie, David Loether, Steve Ott, Tom Mahoney

Row #4 L to R - Mike Wipperfurth, Kyle Giese, Travis Klemm, Pat McDermott, Mike Savage, Andy Krause, Kyle Breunig

Missing - Andy Gilchrist, Steve Walch, Steve Wipperfurth, Duane Barnes, Norbert Hardtke, Mike Frey



Contact Chief Breunig - SCFDChief@merr.com 
President Tom Wipperfurth - twipp@charter.net   

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Serving Seven Communities Including:

  • The Village of Sauk City
  • The Township of Honey Creek
  • The Township of Prairie du Sac
  • The Township of Roxbury
  • The Township of Sumpter
  • The Township of Troy
  • The Township of West Point
  • The Township of Honey Creek


District Reps

Over 170 square miles - Click on Map to see District

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